Kids Competition ‘Pizza Dough Creations’ (end of 2023)

Winner of December 2023 Kids Competition is: Paul McInnes.

‘Kids Pizza Dough Creations’ Submission Form

‘Kids Pizza Dough Creations’ Submission Form

Learn to make the magic of pizza at a young age, and have so much fun while doing it! The pizza maker will give all kids some fresh pizza dough, so that you can make the perfect shape, or ‘creation’, and then give it to the pizza chef again and they will cook through the pizza oven and give you a final (cooked) version of your creation!

Please send through photos of your ‘Pizza Dough Creations’. Photos may be used on website or emails to encourage more kids to enjoy the fun of making their own pizza dough creations – they really love it! So please only provide photos you are happy for us to use online. Thank you, and happy pizza dough creations everyone!

Maximum upload size: 30MB
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After (Cooked in Pizza Oven):

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